I am a highly skilled and experienced Dominatrix. I have had my own dungeon for the past 6 years and have played a lot longer. For me BDSM is an erotic adventure involving all the senses, it is an exploration of the mind with its dark and mysterious corridors that I love to travel. It can be highly erotic when I lure and tease you into a space you never want to leave nor have ever been before or it can be harsh and extreme when I will take you to limits you thought you could not achieve.


I love being in control and one of the things that make me feel truly dominant is strapon because it emphasises the feeling of power I have over my slaves. I have a large collection of strapons and dildoes that enable me to do this. Corporal punishment and CBT are great favourites of mine also. I like to see my slaves squirm as I wield my cane. I have a strong right arm and my slaves testify to my technique.

Alternatively I love my slaves to feel the pleasure and then the pain when I punish and torture them. I do require my slaves to attain a certain standard and will always encourage those that fall short by the use of electrics, whip and cane. Foot worship is a special form of submission that I enjoy receiving from my slaves. This form of Goddess-worship pleases me very much - having an adoring slave at my feet is a very humbling form of servitude and is truly gratifying. Tie n tease is especially erotic.

Sensuality is at the heart of BDSM after all. I love to have slaves tightly strapped to my bench, trembling with anticipation and arousal as I inflict just enough pain to bring the senses alive then ease that trepidation with a gentle erotic caress. To tease you mercilessly to the edge and back again, over and over. Perhaps you have a burning need for forced feminisation? The possibilities in my world of FemDom are endless!Blonde or brunette? Sexy or slutty? Perhaps a little sissy maid at my beck and call?

I have an extensive wardrobe of all sorts of female clothes plus shoes from 7 to 12. Maybe you would like to spend a few hours dressed in my chambers being a woman and doing what women are supposed to do – the chores! Communication is an essential part of BDSM that cannot be ignored, and to that end I am very approachable. I respect limits but underestimate my sadistic nature at your peril!

Sessions can be arranged in my dungeon premises in Hertfordshire. I have two extensively equipped dungeon rooms and a domestic setting plus two bathrooms. Off road parking is available.